Contents of Codata databases

For more than 25 years, Codata has been running its created database with alphanumeric and cartographic data on the offer of retail locations and commercial sites in ten European countries.

One single area: commercial real estate

Codata activity focuses on the commercial offer. The main purpose is to list commercial Sites and Retail Locations. Ten European countries are currently covered.

This focus and more than 25 years of systematic and methodical work have allowed Codata to reach a critical size and to offer its clients precise, accurate and permanently updated data on a daily basis.

Several subjects for study

Codata does not only focus on retail locations and commercial sites but also on other topics, including:

  • Commercial projects (creation, extension, renovation, transfer, urban plannings, new traffic builders) with the description of more than 1,000 projects in Europe
  • Retailers (7,000) with all contact details linked to the people in charge of commercial real estate or expansion (25,000 contacts)

Service provides in commercial real estate (advisors, consultants, network developers, developers, investors, experts, market research companies, federations...) with more than 10,000 contacts in 2,500 companies.

Comprehensive and detailed cartography

All pieces of information from Codata databases are positioned in first-rate cartographic tools.
Codata cartography allows you to display much data of the commercial real estate sector and offers many interpretation and analysis tools, including for instance:

  • Thematic maps
  • Very accurate display of search results
  • Measuring tools

Highlighting tools etc.