Codata: a unique commercial real estate database

Codata manages a database on commercial real estate in ten European countries. Thanks to a sophisticated method of data collection, Codata provides his clients with precise annually updated data on 7,700 commercial sites in Europe and on nearly 700,000 retail locations.

A unique source of information in Europe

Codata offers the professionals of the commercial real estate sector data that is compulsory to take the right decisions. Codata meets their daily needs by providing several products and services:

  • Databases on:
    • Retail Locations
    • commercial Sites
    • commercial real estate Projects
    • Retailers and distribution chains
    • Lessors, developers and advisors
  • Online solutions to consult and download data 24/7
  • Detailed cartography of retail locations and accurate location tools.

Many years of experience

Since 1989, Codata has been active in the same trade: commercial real estate data collection in Europe.

Thanks to an original and unique method, Codata has gathered accurate data. This method combines data collection on the field ("Field") and research at the office ("In House") and is valid for ten European countries. Data is constantly updated and is a sector-specific reference.

In parallel with the management of the databases, Codata teams have developed several products and services that satisfy the demands of the professionals of the sector: Codata Explorer, Codata Mobile, Codata Key Plans, Codata Files, Codata Market Place.

Further services are permanently developed in order to follow and anticipate the evolution of the market and the needs of the retail and commercial real estate professionals.