Further Codata products and services

Codata provides tools that are meant for consulting and downloading data on commercial real estate and retail in Europe. This range has been designed to offer each client an appropriate solution to meet his needs.

Codata Explorer - Online 24/7Codata Explorer

Codata Explorer has been conceived for retail and commercial real estate professionals that are always on the lookout for the right piece of information on commercial real estate.

Codata database is available via an ergonomic and neat interface that is secured by a login and a password.

Codata Explorer, it is:

  • A range of tools available 24/7. Codata search tools and data are constantly available
  • A very wide search in a database of more than 700,000 locations, 7,700 sites, 1,000 commercial projects and 25,000 contacts in 10 European countries
  • A search for retailers, distribution chains, lessors, developers, advisors, consultants and experts among 9,000 companies listed in 10 countries
  • A dynamic cartographic interface to visualise sites, locations, commercial projects, commercial activities or shops and retailers on request.

With Codata Explorer, the commercial real estate professional has constantly at his disposal the whole wealth of the most comprehensive commercial real estate database in Europe and this at the click of a mouse.

Codata Key Plans - A comprehensive and detailed cartography of 7,700 commercial sites

Codata Files

Codata Key Plans provides you with an overview of a commercial site: it is often the best way to understand the trade organisation in a city centre, a retail area or a shopping centre.

That way, you have a clear picture of a commercial site at your disposal and are able to locate a shop in its environment.

Codata Key Plans is an e-commerce website that allows you to order online detailed maps in vector format (high-resolution PDF).

A Codata Key Plan also consists of a tear-proof map in A3, A2, A1 or A0 format as well as of a site index card in PDF format.

Codata Market Place - the offer of retail locationsCodata Market Place

With Codata Market Place, Codata offers comprehensive and quality ads of retail locations.

Codata Market Place only displays offers posted by commercial real estate professionals. The ads are always of quality and all locations are located in the site and cluster perimeters defined by Codata.

The ads are comprehensive with a precise and rich description, including maps, pictures, file, etc.:

  • The description of a location is accurate and concise
  • Numerous visual media enrich the description: maps, pictures, presentation leaflets, etc.
  • Information is imported from Codata Explorer: cartography, location index card, picture, site index card, retailer index card, etc.
  • Links towards customised presentations of the advertiser: leaflets, videos, website, slideshow presentations, etc.

With Codata Market Place, professionals talk to professionals.