Prices and terms of Codata Files

The product: Codata Files

Each Codata File (the "product") corresponds to a data file set on a fixed date (the first day of each quarter of the calendar year). It is characterised by a type of file (or a group of types) and by a country (or a group of countries).

Each file contains a number of attributes that is set and specified on each explanatory page of Codata Files. Each file is also characterised by a volumetry that is specified on each Codata Files page. So, for instance, a file of sites and projects for a determined country is characterised by:

  • A number of commercial sites
  • A distribution by type of site (shopping streets, retail areas and shopping centres, outlet centre, train station - airport, retail park)
  • A distribution by type of location (urban, periurban and outlying area)
  • A date of creation of the last file.

Codata Files updates

Each Codata File is dated. This date is displayed on the product sheet of the file. This date corresponds to the first day of the running quarter at the time of the file preparation.

Price, payment and invoicing

The price of each Codata File is fixed.


By bank transfer while ordering (pro forma invoice on request)


An invoice is issued when the payment is received, prior to the data file preparation and delivery.

Application of VAT

VAT Invoicing (0%)

  • For professional EU clients (outside Belgium and delivery outside Belgium) duly registered for VAT, the website Codata Files allows the registration and the controlling of the intra-community VAT number. This allows an intracom VAT invoice (0%).
  • For professional clients outside the EU, the invoice will be issued with a VAT rate of 0%. However, the client will have to pay customs duties of his own country.

Belgian VAT Invoicing (21%)

  • For Belgian professional clients that have a VAT registered number in Belgium and for professional EU clients that ask for a delivery in Belgium
  • For non-professional clients of all countries.

Key Plans delivery

The data file is prepared as soon as payment is received. Delivery takes place within the 48 hours by secured electronic mail.